COVID-19 and the state of Tamil Nadu

With one of the largest automobile sectors in the country,  one of the largest knitting industries and a rampant construction sector, Tamil Nadu (TN) remains one of the primary locations for interstate migrations. Official estimates indicate that the state is home to more than ten lakh migrant workers (Ref. 1 & 2, though the actualContinue reading “COVID-19 and the state of Tamil Nadu”

The Lessons of BhimaKoregaon: No Bail, Only Jail

Peoples Union for Democratic Rights PRESS RELEASE / 01 June,2020 The Lessons of BhimaKoregaon: No Bail, Only Jail With the surrenders of AnandTeltumbde and GautamNavlakha on April 14, 2020 in Mumbai and Delhi respectively, the NIA, the investigative agency, has ensured the arrest of all 11 prominent human rights activists in the infamous BhimaKoregaon caseContinue reading “The Lessons of BhimaKoregaon: No Bail, Only Jail”

Telenipara Communal Incidents: APDR Fact-Fact Finding Report

Telenipara Communal Incidents: APDR  Fact-Fact Finding Report Some communal incidents occurred on 10th and 12th   May, 2020 in Telenipara under the jurisdiction of Bhadraswar P.S, one of the known industrial areas of the Hooghly district. The   area has a mixed population comprising Bengali hindus residing there before the establishment of jute mills and non- bengalis,Continue reading “Telenipara Communal Incidents: APDR Fact-Fact Finding Report”

A Brief note about activities of AFDR during curfew in Punjab due to Corona Virus

         In view of the cronavirus pandemic, people were asked by PM Modi to observe ‘Janta Curfew’ on 05.04.2020, which was observed in Punjab also. However thereafter, Amrinder Singh led Congress Government in Punjab imposed curfew, while in most other states; technically there was lock-down. All commercial and industrial units, including tea-shops, pan-shops, vegetable andContinue reading “A Brief note about activities of AFDR during curfew in Punjab due to Corona Virus”